Problem innotec SNF 2010-02-17 22:22:21: No HV

ajamo at ajamo at
Wed Feb 17 22:22:21 PST 2010

I did two runs of thin Au (100A & 400A)  I loaded up a third run and when I went to start the dep the HV would not come on.   I shut off (in correct order) telemark, vented the system, re-pumped it down and tried again, still no HV.  After pushing the power on (and waiting) I pushed the reset button,  all 7 lights came on across the high voltage & source 1 panel.  The ion guage filament was on,  pressure was 3.7x10-7.   I tried turning the HV down to zero and slowly turning up, but nothing registered.     This problem seems to clear itself after sitting for a while.  

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