Comment innotec SNF 2010-03-06 11:27:41: Ag splatter

usha at usha at
Sat Mar 6 11:27:42 PST 2010

During Ag depiosition, Ag dep started at ~5% at ~01.%.  While slowly raising the power level, got deposition of ~24A and deposition stopped at ~6%.  Checked previous user power level for Ag.  Was ~14-18%.  So increased the power slowly and deposition started over 12%  power and a rate of over 1A/sec was reached at 14% power level.  Deposited 200A silver at 14.5-15.5%.  when chamber was opened, found Ag splattered all over.. Cleaned to my best.  During clreaning some peeling started. Removed as much as peeled metal as possible and cleaned.
No issue with Ti (1st material) seen.

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