Problem innotec SNF 2010-11-24 01:30:06: Ti Target looks strange

jennyhu at jennyhu at
Wed Nov 24 01:30:06 PST 2010

Can you please take a look at the Ti target? It looked a little strange today because there were lots of crystalline looking areas on it.  Could it be a contamination by an incorrect pellet? I've used Ti several times in the past, and it never looked like this.  For my deposition, I added a few pellets, and after the deposition, the surface still looked strange, and there are also dents in it. It looks like the evaporation was not uniform.  I noticed I had to use a much higher power than other users for a lower dep rate.  I'm not sure if the dents were there before, because I had asked the previous user to leave Ti inside for me.  
I checked the other targets, and this one definitely should be Ti because of the smooth edges.  None of the other targets are like that.  

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