Ion Gun in Place

Robin King king at
Mon Oct 9 16:32:36 PDT 2000

A followup reminder for all Innotec users:

1. Record every run in the logbook, noting any unusual circumstances.

2. Include with every run a shadowmask sample for Dektak step height
   measurement.  This includes runs for which multiple layers are
   deposited and the step height result is the sum of all materials.  

3. Measure the shadowmasked thickness_immediately_, while you are
   monitoring the pumpdown.

4. Record the results in the logbook in TWO places:
	a. On the run sheet page.
	b. On the dep rate page (in the front of the logbook) for easy
   ***  Be sure to note whether the ion gun was installed and/or used.

The above steps take no additional process time and are easy for everyone
to do.   Resistivity, stress, and other results should also be recorded
when they are available.  

Thanks for doing your part,

Robin King

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