Innotec Status Update

Anthony Flannery flannery at
Tue May 1 01:56:50 PDT 2001

Hi All,
Thanks for your patience. I finished my 3-day run tonight so I won't be
needing my reservation for Tuesday morning.

Things are working pretty well. The spot size is slightly bigger than
before, oweing to a swapout of the shunting bars. The thickness of the
bars is very critical to determining the beam focus. I did not have a
problem with my Ir dep, but the margin for error in beam aiming is now
slightly less, so please use extra care when starting up the gun. 

I fixed the button on the manual controller. You don't have to press
really hard and hope it makes contact.

We have no decent Cr target. The last two we got from Plasmaterials were
contaminated, and not Cr. The only existing target is so thin, I would
not recommend using it. You can get away with using Cr pellets, but it
is not ideal because the dep rate is non-uniform, and it doesn't
guarantee you won't blast through the bottom. There is a jar of pellets
in the safe and since it has no name on it, I am assuming it is for
public use. I would recommend finding another source for targets since
Plasmaterials is way overpriced and I lost several months of work due to
their bad target.

Thanks again for your patience.

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