innotec problem report

Jing Kong jkong at
Fri May 11 12:25:57 PDT 2001


I am very sorry to send out this email to
say that we caused problem to the innotec
again.  Hope what had happened won't bring
too much trouble to all other users in
the future runs.

When we were trying to lowered the bell jar
last night, we pushed the jar to one side
in order to align the seal well, but this
time the force was too much and one of the Aluminum
shield pieces knocked on the side of the
holder for the ion gun and got bented.  Thanks
for the great help from Eric and Ceiser,
they helped us to take the shield off and
make that flattened again.  After that it looked
OK and this morning I talked to Jim about the
problem.  Right now he's working on that to
see if the jar can be adjusted so that it
won't have the misaligning problem when the
jar is lowered.  In any case, it would be
better to be very careful in the future
when lower the jar  and make sure the shield
won't run into anything when it is lowered.

There is another problem but right now we
don't know what is the reason.  While we were
trying to deposited the metal, the thickness
monitor doesn't function correctly.  It doesn't
show any deposition even the target is already
very bright.  And this morning we even heard a
alarm when the power was at 40%.  This could
relate to the material we are depositing, if
anyone use the innotec later and find out
the thickness monitor is working would you please
send us an email?

I am really sorry about all these.  The innotec
should be really treated with great care when
we use it.


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