System status

Dick Crane rcrane at
Wed Sep 12 11:31:32 PDT 2001

As you are aware, the Innotec e-gun high voltage power supply suffered
irreparable damage many weeks ago. A replacement, 15kW, supply and
programmable sweep unit were obtained with a donation discount from
Telemark. The main challenge in installing the new supply was making the
control and interlocks function with the Innotec video control unit.
Since Innotec is out of business, Jim Haydon designed and installed the

On September 10, aluminum was evaporated with the new system. One major
problem was encountered with the power supply and is being addressed by
Telemark personnel. Once the supply is back (in a day or two), new
operating procedures will be written and users will need to have a brief
training session to requalify on the tool.

I believe the Innotec will be fully operational the week of September

Thanks for your patience,


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