Implementing zip lock bags!

Jeannie Perez jperez at
Fri Feb 15 12:54:20 PST 2002

To All Users of;

Metalica Sputter -  Bin A 33
STS PECVD   - Bin A 15
Innotec Evaporator  - Bin C 40

You are no longer allowed to throw contaminated waste in the open waste

These bins (drawers) are labeled with the equipment name. I have placed
plastic zip lock bags in these bins for disposal of solvent  wipes (IPA,
etc.), metal contaminate wipes and gloves,.

Put the wipes into a zip lock bag and place the bag in one of the two
solvent waste containers in the Litho area.
1) Red container under solvent wet bench or
2) White container, right of the developer wet bench..

Thanks for your cooperation,
Jeannie Perez

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