display and measurement

Eric Perozziello eap at gloworm.Stanford.EDU
Thu Jan 23 18:55:20 PST 2003

Hi Yahong and innotec users,

I also took data on this:

1000A on the maxtek gives ~925A on the outer row, and ~675 A
on the inner row.

But, before anyone goes and fiddles with the tooling factors,
be aware that these numbers change all the time, based on the
condition of the target, and the specific conditions.  So,
if the maxtek is within 20-30%, I suggest that we NOT adjust
anything.  If you need thickness control, you may have to do
a calibration run using identical conditions to your run.

My thought is that tooling factors should be left alone
unless the system is drastically changed-  In which case
a sign is posted on the system that the tooling and the factors
have been altered.


On Thu, 23 Jan 2003, Yahong Yao wrote:

> Hi All,
> After reading Jeannie's email regarding the thickness difference between
> display and measurement.  I monitored my process of Al deposition on
> 01/22/03.  The display was 3950A and the measurement from Dektak1 was
> around 3380A.  Please plan accordingly.
> Yahong
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