damage found on bottom of shutter

Qian Wang wangqian at stanford.edu
Tue Oct 21 06:20:15 PDT 2003

Dear colleagues,

I came here this morning for loading my sample. I found a
little damage on the bottom of shutter. It is a slight melt. I did clean
it. It was a new one for replacement
of damaged one
one month ago.  Jeannie also showed us the damaged old one on the desk.

The melting of shutter  results big problem of the machine, especally
contaminatation of our targets. Contaminated target will result to bad
film. Impure target is seriously damaged during evaportion due to
melting point shift. It happaned on the Pt target several month ago. On
that time, much lower power than normal resulted sputtering of melting
metal and finally broke whole target. The  crucible was also jammed that

How can we solve the problme? Lower power? Enough metal can get
reasonable rate at lower power. I have experience on W deposition. When I
came here, the level of W target is low and 18~20 % of power just gave 0.3
A/S. However, Marice helped me to add some metal on it and I got 0.5A/s at
7~8% power supply! Or lower power at initial step when shutter close
and increase power after its openning to get high depostion rate.But may
be it does not work for your case.

I have not much experience for other metal. I appreciate
all users can share with your experience for more smoothly running the

Thank you very much.

Qian Wang

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