Call for Cr/Au or Ti/Au deposition for the week of 9-12

Steven Malekos smalekos at
Fri Apr 9 17:37:24 PDT 2004

Hello all,
I am a remote user from the University of Nevada, Reno and I will be in
Stanford next week, but unfortunately not during a time when the Innotec
is available.  If anyone is depositing Chrome/Gold or Titanium/Gold with
the following specs, I would greatly appreciate it if I could include my
sample.  The film requirements are approximately: adhesion layer: 50A,
Gold layer: 500A to 1,500A.  If anyone happens to be performing this
similar task and is willing to help, I would do backflips (not in the
lab, of course, the bunny suits are too restrictive).  I would love to
be able to return the favor in the future.  
You can contact me via email, or my cell phone: 775-232-3687
Thank you,
Steven Malekos
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