Innotec Procedures and Issues

Jeannie Perez jperez at
Fri Aug 20 16:38:38 PDT 2004

All Users,
There are several issues regarding the use and procedures of the
Innotec. These are the items that have been brought to my attention;
1)  I've just place the last crystal holder in the crystal drawer. When
this holder breaks, we'll be down for awhile until Maintenance can
modify something else to replace it. Users are removing the holder by
the center contact that is right above the ceramic. You should never try
and lift off by the ceramic contact piece. The ceramic piece is also in
pieces. You should never touch the ceramic, it breaks easily. Push up by
the sides or the very front of the holder that actually clamps on to the
If you need me to show you, please stop by my office.

2)  I removed the wire brush from the Innotec drawer. This was a
maintenance tool, to be used by them only.

3)  Always keep the Planetary loaded with 22 wafers when doing
depositions. If you can't find or have a dummy wafer to fill the empty
slots, please notify me.

4) It seems that when heavy depositions are  being deposited, you can
see that the vapors are seeping to the neighboring crucible and
contaminating the pocket and if a source is sitting in that pocket we
maybe contaminating the source. So at this time if your depositing and
the neighboring pocket has a source in it (like Au and Al) and your not
going to use them for deposition, remove them. If at all possible
(depending on crucible size) try and leave the neighboring pocket empty.
When unloading your sources after deposition and you under sprayed the
neighboring crucible it is your responsibility to clean up that pocket
as well. This will be discussed at our next staff meeting.
Jeannie Perez
Science and Engineering Technician
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
Stanford University
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