NEW and First time using a Liner

Jeannie Perez jperez at
Mon Jul 12 10:24:02 PDT 2004

Hi Everyone,

I've just placed a New Tungsten liner with Au in the Innotec. So now it 
will require _HALF _the power needed prior using the old source,and with 
three to four times higher deposition rate. The Tooling Factor has been 
changed from 33.5 to 40.0 for this new setup. It will become more 
important to stay in the  center of the source (due to less Au area) 
using a SPIRAL e-beam.

At 4 % power you'll get a deposition rate of 4.0 to 4.5 A/sec.
At 2.2% to 2.5 % power you'll get about .1-.3 A/sec.

Any question, please see me!
Jeannie Perez
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