Innotec is down

Ofer Levi levi at
Fri Nov 19 02:10:33 PST 2004

Hi all,
Innotec is down. At the end of my deposition last night, when I lowered the 
bell jar, it somehow rotated and on the way down hit one of the rods that 
is holding the planetary and slightly bent it. I changed the system status 
to RED and reported it on Coral.
My guess is that the mechanism that is supposed to prevent it from rotating 
while the bell jar is lowering could be loose. I noticed that when I 
lowered it while another user was holding the bell jar so we can close the 
system for the night, the bell jar was swinging and rotating beyond  what I 
am used to and the other user needed to stabilize it all the way down. This 
may have been the reason why it rotated on the way down and hit the rod. 
The bell jar is lowered down but can not fully seal.
I will update Jeannie and Mary Tang in the morning on the incident.



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