strange observations on the innotec

Raghavasimhan Sreenivasan raghavs at
Sun Jun 19 14:27:05 PDT 2005

hi all
this morning i wanted to do a Pt dep and found the innotec in bad shape.
1. the planetary and the inner walls of the chamber were blue in color. the
log shows that the user b4 me did gold.
2. the planetary was not filled with dummy wafers. there were some slots
that were empty.
3. there were a lot of metal shavings in and around the target crucibles.
4. the Ti target was not inside a ziploc bag. i dopnt even know if its a Ti
target but then it was in that part of the box. so i put it along with the
Ti pellets. if u think thats not a Ti target please let Jeannie know abt

whoever used it before today (Sun) needs to make sure that this doesnt
happen again. as for the base pr, it was at 9.1e-8 (really good!!!).

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