Innotec is Peeling BADLY - will go down for clean on Monday 3/14

Jeannie Perez jperez at
Thu Mar 10 16:12:48 PST 2005

All Users,
I found the Innotec this morning in very poor condition (peeling). This 
is a reminder to all users that when you have completed
your depositions you need to leave the system clean and ready for the 
next use and report all problems. Especially in
our Log books.  Innotec will go down for shield/ carousel clean this 
coming Monday, which will take most of the day if Jim Haydon
doesn't run into any other problems.

I've vacuumed the best that I could and coated the chamber with 1 micron 
of Al, but still showed signs of peeling again. Re vacuumed and
left it in the hands of the next user.

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