We are out of Pt souce for now!

Jeannie Perez jperez at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Mar 10 16:29:57 PST 2005

All Users,
Just because there is a source in our material box doesn't mean it's OK 
to use the material. A source has to be in good condition.
It has to be at least three quarters full in its pocket (depth), if not 
add pellets. If there isn't any pellets available then *_don't use_*
that source.

 Before starting or enabling the Innotec, you should check to make sure 
you have enough material to operate with, without endangering
 the equipment or source. If your doing depositions when staff members 
are not on site, you should be checking the sources
earlier in the day or earlier in the week.

Any questions, please see me.

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