Contaminated Ti source with Au

Jeannie Perez jperez at
Thu Oct 13 13:41:18 PDT 2005

To all Users,
Too may of our sources are being contaminated. This is a warning to all
you users that do not center your e-beam in the center of the sources. I
will have to start disqualifying users. This is the second time I am
replacing the Titanium source in two months.

The Ti was contaminated as far back as Oct. 8th. For example, if you are
using Ti/Au use C3 and C5 crucibles. Looking through the log book, users
used crucible C4 and C5 which causes a greater risk of under spraying
the neighboring crucible. This combination (Ti/Au) is easier to spot
color difference, so when the opportunity arise check the crucible
position posted on the front of the control panel and if the opportunity
allows you to separate sources, do it. For sources with the same metal
( Cr/Al/Ti, etc.) if contaminated we'd have no way of knowing. Make sure
you check your sources before and after depositions

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