Fwd: Cr target

Ed Myers edmyers at stanford.edu
Wed Jan 11 07:35:37 PST 2006

Innotec User,

Please do not use the Cr target.  It will be contaminated from the melted 
plastic.  I will remove it from the target box.  Jeannie is not in today, 
and I do not know if we have a back-up target.


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>Subject: Cr target
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>The plastic bag of Cr was melt, when I returned Cr target into it.
>I waited more than 5 min. (about 8 min.) to cool.
>I don't know why it is still hot.
>I entered Cr target into a large plastic bag.
>Sorry for this inconvinient.
>Kazuhiko Yamanaka
>Harris Group, Solid State & Photonics Lab,
>Center for Integrated Systems,
>Stanford University
>CIS-X Rm 126X,
>Stanford, CA 94305-4075
>Tel :    (650)725-6909
>Fax:    (650)723-4659
>E-mail : yamanaka at snowmass.stanford.edu

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