Dennis Nordlund nordlund at
Wed Mar 15 07:19:05 PST 2006

Dear innotek users,

Any input is helpful.

1. I'm about to buy an Indium starter source ( 7cc truncated cone shape).
I don't know where to look, so if you have any idea of a Vendor, I would
appreciate your input very much.

2. Also, If you know certain parameters in innotek that are suitable for
Indium deposition, I would be happy if you could share them with me. I
want to make a very thin yet homogeneous film, down to 2 nm if possible.

3. This month we would like to evaporate on only 2 wafers, so if any of
you have an Indium source already and is willing to lend it for an
evaporation, it would be fantastic and I could compensate you by e.g.
bying something for you in the stockroom.

Thanks for your attention.


Dennis Nordlund
Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory
+1 650 451 8325

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