Germanium source

mkoto at mkoto at
Fri Nov 9 16:34:37 PST 2007

Hi users,

   This mail is only related to Germanium source user.

   I did Germanium evapolation today, and I "made" some spikes on it  
in spite of my effort............
I'll try to do reduce it at next run, hopefully next week.
I checked log book and found that only a few user used Germanium.
Of course it's applicable to one-layer deposition, but in case of dual  
deposition, there are possibility of trouble.

If someone want to use it with dual layer deposition until my next  
run, please let me know.

Sorry for inconvenience.


    Makoto Koto            Visiting Scholar
  476 Lomita Mall  244 McCullough Building
  Stanford, CA 94305-4045

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