Innotec window tricks

jim kruger jimkruger at
Fri Oct 26 13:51:23 PDT 2007

If you are not entirely comfortable with the Innotec
viewing window and film advance, it is a good idea to
check it out just before pump down.  With the bell jar
low enough to look through the window but high enough
to get a small flashlight behind the window, you can
check the shutter position, adjust the polarizer and
advance the film slightly.  

Be sure to close the bell jar with one continuous
motion for the last ~ 15 cm.  If you close it too
slowly, it might not seal.  Inspect the seal for
caught cables or a small gap.

  If the "Atm" yellow light does not go out within ~
10 sec of starting the pumpdown, you did not get a
good seal. STOP BUTTON immediately.  If you wait too
long,  ~ 30 sec or so, the pump will overload and shut
off requiring maintenance to go downstairs to reset

If you stop in time, you can look for at the seal for
a problem, raise and look again, then lower at least
15 cm in one motion.  Inspect, Try pump down again,
being ready to stop if light light does not go out
within 10 sec.

This might save you a wasted pump down cycle.

JIm Kruger

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