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Hi Filip,

Kapton tape is a definite NO. Its residue is evil. Cannot be removed by any known chemical/Process in SNF. There is a company that sells shadow masks. Cant remember the name but they were in one of the job fairs. You might try searching online. If the lead time is not too much (>Dec 17th) you can give it a try. It is a clean method. Otherwise, for the time being try the blue vacuum tape in the stock room.

If you can tolerate some Kapton residue on the very end of your wafer, you can ask Tim brand (in ginzton) to dice 10 mm wide silicon pieces for you. you can then glue them to your wafer using Kapton tape at the end. Once you are done just remove them


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Hi Innotec users,

I am asking for advice on how to shadow mask 10mm wide stripe on a 4" wafer? I have used Kapton tape, but it left a residue that I was unable to remove with solvents/PRS1000/O2 plasma/etc.

Do you use aluminum foil? or another piece of Si? I'm depositing a pretty thick film (400nm).
Any suggestions would be useful.

Thanks in advance,


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