Professional Courtesy is What it's called

Jeannie Perez jperez at
Fri Oct 31 09:24:24 PDT 2008

All Innotec Users,
At our Quality Circle Metal meeting and the Lab Members meeting last 
Friday, Innotec reservations and cancellations has been the topic of 
discussion. A list of user names (offenders for the last two months) 
that have cancelled with less than 24 hour notice, no email, or no shows.
I do understand that your samples may not arrive on time, but I do 
expect everyone to have enough professional courtesy to email the 
Innotec community that you have deleted your reservation.
I've copied a week worth of reservations and I am astound of deleted 
reservations and no emails sent out.  At this time
(until polices are in place) you may lose your rights to reserve or 
use Innotec.

Jeannie Perez
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Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
Stanford University
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