innotec status?

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Sat Sep 13 14:45:29 PDT 2008

Hi John,

I just tested innotec and everything was fine except the view port. All the
interlocks are gone and vacuum is very good, and I was able to power it up
with no problem. The problem only is the viewport, which is totally dark and
I cannot see anything through (seems to be a problem for a while).

I also talked to Eric and it seems that he already finished the Al
deposition and took the test wafers out. I just put my wafer in and Eric and
I will do my deposition later today, which is pretty thin and doesn't need
too high power.

Innotec users should be very cautious if you decide to use the system. Eric
suggested that only experienced user that can deposit without looking
through the viewport should use the system.


On 9/13/08, John Shott <shott at> wrote:
> Grace, Xinran, and Innotec community ...
> I've spoken with Jim Haydon.  The chiller has been repaired and I've been
> authorized to clear the shutdown. There is a chance that either the gun or
> chamber cooling water flow switches will need to be adjusted .... apparently
> these switches are rather sensitive and flow that is either too low or too
> high will cause them to report a failure.  At this point, I don't know
> enough about those switches to know how to adjust them.  However I believe
> that Jim may stop by early this afternoon to look at them.
> To my knowledge, Jeannie's wafers (described below) are still in the system
> and still need to have an evaporation of 1000 A of aluminum on them.
> If someone is nearby and can test whether they can do this evaporation or
> whether the water interlock still seems to show, I'm sure that we'd all be
> appreciative.  If you can get the interlock to fire up, please send out
> email to this mailing list.  If you still see an interlock error, please
> tell us which one.   Either Jim or I will try to resolve that.
> Here is Jeannie's request for an evaporation ...
>  I left the chamber loaded with the Aluminum starter source. Two test
>> wafers loaded, one with a shadow mask. If you happen to be the one unloading
>> please be careful.  If Innotec comes up, please run a 1000 A of Alum and
>> save  them for me.
> Thanks for your support,
> John
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