Standby Reservations

Mary Tang mtang at
Wed Jan 21 10:05:02 PST 2009

Hi innotec users --

As you probably already know, Staff members are taking to reserving the 
innotec from 2-6 am most weekday mornings.  These are available for use 
by anyone who may be having difficulty getting a reservation in the time 
frame needed.

1.  If you want a slot, contact or email a staff member who can assign 
the reservation to you.
2.  To see the labmember who is assigned a standby slot, double-click on 
the reservation slot.  Under "Member", it will list the Coral ID for the 
labmember.  If the "Member" is "jperez" or other staff member, it is not 
assigned (not likely staff use will occur at 2 am.)
3.  Whether standby slots are assigned, they are still subject to the 
15-minute rule:  at 2:15 am, if no one shows up (or left a note or other 
communication) the machine is free to anyone to use. 
4.  If you are assigned a standby slot and then don't need it for some 
reason, please inform innotec at snf so that other people will know it is 



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