Slow pump down

Jeannie Perez jperez at
Thu Jun 25 10:22:46 PDT 2009

To All Innotec Users,

Lots can happen! If your not careful and touch your face , oil, lay 
parts on table that has oil on it. Vacuum hose if not used correctly. 
Even if the previous use after his deposition could of done
something. Photo resist needs to be baked. Users are using their 
hands with or without vinyl gloves to unload wafers instead of tweezers.
I pumped down before the user with 35 minutes and with clean parts 
and all it only took 40 minutes for me.
These are just a few reasons why it is taking longer.

At 01:26 AM 6/24/2009, Arash Hazeghi wrote:
>Innotec has been pumping down for 1:20 hrs and vaccum does not go 
>below 6.8E-7 torr, one evening user has reported 4E-7 in 35 minutes 
>I wonder what has happened to the system between then and now.

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