Share-the-ride: A new way to look at reservations

Mary Tang mtang at
Tue Mar 3 13:43:19 PST 2009

Dear innotec user:

Reservations, reservations, reservations.  We know they are difficult to 
get and I'm afraid we don't have an easy solution.

However, it is clear that many people would like to deposit similar 
films.  So starting today, in order to encourage people to 
"share-the-ride", we are asking innotec users to list the film(s) you 
plan to deposit when you make your reservation.

To do this, make your reservation as usual -- but before you hit "OK", 
make sure to enter information about your deposition on the "Process" 
field (normally, this reads "default".)  It can be as simple as "100 A 
Cr/ 1000 A Au".

To check the films planned for existing reservations, just double-click 
on the time slot on the Reservations tab on Coral.  A pop-up window will 
show who has made the reservation (and in the case of staff members, for 
whom the reservation was made) as well as entries on the Process field.  
The Coral team is looking at ways to make it easier to look at 
Processes, but in the meantime, using the Reservations tab should be 

When you see a reservation with a Process you are interested in, please 
contact that person directly to make your arrangements.

No, this won't solve the reservations problem, it should be very handy 
for some people who have similar film needs --

Nice gifts (courtesy of Maurice's amazing design skills) will be 
provided to the first pair of documented ride-sharers.

Thanks for your attention --

Your Metals Quality Circle

Mary X. Tang, Ph.D.
Stanford Nanofabrication Facility
CIS Room 136, Mail Code 4070
Stanford, CA  94305
mtang at

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