Innotec Planning Questionaire

Ed Myers edmyers at
Wed Mar 11 13:44:35 PDT 2009

Innotec Users,

Attached are two documents regarding Innotec usage.  The utilization 
graph shows the level of usage of the Innotec.  As you can see, the 
utilization rate has climbed by ~25% over the last few years.  This, 
along with the cancelation of reservations has created a lot of pain 
for those depending on this tool.

The second attachment (Usage Items) is a list of all the depositions 
done in the system since mid-October 2008.  When I looked at the 
depositions, it appears that ~75% of those depositions could be done 
in a different tool.  I admit, there are a lot of assumptions 
regarding this estimation, one being we may not have that other 
tool.  We are attempting to do some equipment planning and we need 
clarification as to why you have chosen to use the Innotec.

To me, there are a couple of options to relieve the pressure on the 
Innotec.  The simplest and the one you hear the most is a second 
Innotec.  Option two may be adding/replacing/modifying a metal system 
to off load the deposition which don't have to be on the Innotec.  A 
third option may be addition of an ion mill system to lower our 
dependence on lift-off processing.  Or options you can point out.

I prefer we chose the correct tool for the right applications and add 
capability if possible (we have not forgotten about the requests for 
dielectric depositions).  For example, if we can identify another 
tool which can off load the Innotec and provide new capability this 
could also be a winning solution.  Another approach could reconfigure 
the Gryphon or SCT or working on the uniformity of the metalica.

To help us in planning, could you please respond as to why you use 
the Innotec.  The reasons may range from the need for very thin 
films, uniformity of the deposition (then you should provide a 
uniformity target), in-situ thickness monitoring (what range can you 
tolerate?), multiple layers in a single pump down (how many?), 
required for lift-off (what metals are you  sing) device sensitivity 
(plasma damage), substrate (polymer or organic), contamination 
categories (clean verse gold contaminated), large batch of wafers 
(how many), or I would use a different tool (if it did...).....

Please hit the reply button and share your reasons for using the 
Innotec and what other approaches could serve your needs.

Ed and your SNF staff
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