No Copper starter source for Innotec, Warning!

Jeannie Perez jperez at
Fri Mar 13 16:48:52 PDT 2009


Your not paying attention to details. I find peeling on dummy wafers, 
dirty system, starter sources in poor condition, shutters needing to 
be changed every time I train.  Today I found five shutters used with 
splatters of metal in one week. This is telling me that your applying 
too much power too fast to the starter sources and NOT watching 
through the view port . I can't get the shutters turned around fast 
enough the way they are getting abused.
This is a WARNING........... I am going to check Innotec each and 
every day that I am here and if I found the system in the condition 
mentioned above, I will start disqualifying YOU!. If the previous 
user didn't do his/her job with inspections or vacuuming that doesn't 
mean you don't have to. If this happens to you just send me an 
E-mail  and I'll take care of the User, but still clean up the system!

The last new copper starter source was contaminated with something 
other than copper. This is the third starter source this year.  The 
second new Cu had residuals around the truncated cone shape from 
crucible pockets that no one is cleaning up.
It wouldn't sit in the pocket correctly and Jim couldn't remove the 
build-up. The first one this year blew up because it wasn't sitting 
down in the pocket, due to residuals built up  on the sides.

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