Working with a new Starter Sources at Innotec

Jeannie Perez jperez at
Fri Oct 16 14:24:43 PDT 2009

* Hello,
 We had an incident at Innotec today,and  I'd like to remind everyone to 
have courtesy for  your fellow user. I am back!
 !)  All Parts of the log sheet such be filled out. Yes pressure, number 
of wafers, etc....
 2) All incidents / problems such be reported on Coral and would be nice 
to have it on the log sheet.  _Our Chisel is missing, _but our Mirror 
has returned.
 3) All tools needed for Innotec or any other equipment shouldn't be 
shared (flashlight, timer, screwdrivers, tweezers, etc.
 4) Everyone should clean up after them self. All peeling dummy wafers 
placed the the shape box. Peeling disks in a dirty bag, Crucibles. 
Safety glasses take with you when done.
**5) New Starter Sources when using them for the first time or two,  you 
need to take it slower than usual..If the last user wrote in the log 
book that they used 7% power, most likely you
won't be able to deposit at7%. It takes awhile to break through the 
surface. It many take as much as three times longer to condition the 
starter source before you can get a decent deposition rate.

6) Please report that the previous user didn't clean up after themselves 
so that your process is the best that it can be under . This includes 
inside the Innotec and surrounding area.

This week I put in several new Starter Sources!

Beware (and not just because Halloween is coming)!

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