A few questions.

Edgar Peralta eperalta at stanford.edu
Tue Mar 9 12:35:26 PST 2010

Hey guys,

I've yet to get trained on the tool but I'm trying to figure out the
process flow for what I'd like to do so was wondering if you wouldn't
mind helping me with the following questions:

1) I'd like to deposit a metal as a spacer between two grating pieces
that I'm trying to assemble together (can see attachment for
clarification) and I've found that Cr would adhere best to quartz,
however I'd like to deposit ~400nm of metal and I think doing this
with just Cr would lead to some stress problems. I read that this can
be solved by using Au/Ag instead and using Cr as just an adhesion
layer ...
What is better suited for my case, Au or Ag? How thick should the Cr
adhesion layer be? and how well would the Au/Ag stick to the Cr?

2) Since I'm trying to put two of my grating pieces together, I'll
probably have to do the above process on each piece (but with half the
thickness), what are your suggestions on how to go about 'bonding' the
two pieces (should be a metal-metal contact by then) afterwards?

Thanks in advance!

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