Miss use of Innotec supplies

Jeannie Perez nperez at stanford.edu
Fri Aug 26 15:13:32 PDT 2011

Hi Everyone,
Gold and Platinum must be above 50 grams before using them. If there are 
NO Pellets in the jar DO NOT USE the starter sources. Three
Users did not have pellets to add and the beginning weight was 50grams 
or less. If you receive this e-mail twice you were one of the three. If you
tell me you didn't know, NOW YOU DO!. Next incident may warrant you from 
using Innotec.

   Even though we keep dummy wafers in the tan box for loading when 
having to remove
dummy wafer from planetary for peeling, broken, poor condition, we need 
to keep these spare wafers in there single slots (not double slotted). 
We should
keep them as clean as possible until we can't use them any longer and 
dumped into the white plastic box, labeled "wafer rejects".I found
wafers bunched up into five slots and there were ten wafers. You cause 
particles, stress on the metal that is on them and will peel when used 
again or
before we can use them again. You are the ones that used Innotec after I 
used Innotec on 8/25/11 and when I used Innotec again this morning 8/26/11.
THIS IS A WARNING! You have to keep things clean when going into a 
vacuum system. That includes all dummy wafers that are reusable. _*Do NOT
handle wafers / dummy wafers with your hands, this is a vacuum system. 
*_Next incident may warrant you from using Innotec.
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