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Jeannie Perez jperez at snf.stanford.edu
Thu Dec 8 14:09:35 PST 2011

*Hi Everyone,
The picture that is attached has peeling where there shouldn't be any
metals deposited in this area on Innotec. The planetary is on the right
side of the photo, the center area that is peeling
is right above the planetary. If all twenty-two slots are loaded with
dummies and or samples and planetary is rotating, metal should not be
deposited in this area. It tells me
that someone isn't rotating the planetary and not making sure all slots
are loaded with a dummy wafer. Jim Haydon has covers made where
deposition coats certain parts and when it's
time to replace the parts (shield change) it's easier and faster to
bring Innotec back up for use. Please make sure you have all twenty-two
slots loaded and planetary is rotating.

Thanks You,

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