Please Read, Gold Starter Source

Jeannie Perez nperez at
Tue Feb 1 15:34:39 PST 2011

Dear Innotec Community,

The Gold Starter Source is the most used metal at Innotec and the most 
costly metal due to the amount of usage. I continuously add Au pellets 
to the
jar, but the quantity of pellets doesn't add up to how many pellets are 
added and the size and weight doesn't seem to change. So we will now weigh
the Au starter source before and after each use and log it in the 
logbook. Please view my log sheet that I logged today Feb. 1st after 
depositing Gold.
I weighed the Au starter source when I finished (80.6 grams) with the 
Ohaus compact scale that is now sitting on the table at Innotec.

The Au starter source should not go below 50 grams in weight. _If it is 
below 50 grams do not use! ! !
_You may ask anyone from staff to hand you Au pellets on request if needed.

Thanks for your cooperation,
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