Innotec Down Status

Ed Myers edmyers at
Thu Jan 6 17:50:15 PST 2011


The staff worked on the Innotec this afternoon and was able to clear 
all of the faults (crystal monitor and water flow).  I ran a quick 
deposition to verify the tool was functional.  While the faults were 
corrected, I did not like what I saw with the beam shape and 
focus.  As a result, I put the system down.

Besides the high voltage not being stable, the beam parameters result 
in a risky situation.  If I attempted to center the beam at the 
center of the source, the beam became so large it was interacting 
with the edge of the pocket.  If I moved the beam in to a focused 
condition, then the beam was on the copper hearth.  As a result, I 
shutdown the system to protect our hardware and sources.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

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