This is a Warning to all Innotec Users

Nora Jean Perez nperez at
Fri Jul 8 07:55:45 PDT 2011

Most of the starter Sources are on the thin side with pellets in the bags to add and it isn't being done. ADD PELLETS!!!
ALL information is required to be filled on the Log sheet. This information is important to us. You must weigh Pt and Au.
DO NOT use any of the precious metals that the weight is below 50 grams. 

In the beginning when shield change has occurred the system doesn't need to be vacuumed as often. As the parts become more stressful with each deposition we need to vacuum more often.  Vacuum system, everyone in the Innotec community should be vacuuming and not leaving it for the next User.
After this morning and if protocol isn't followed, I'll take away your privilege of using Innotec for a week. 


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