Measure all metals and/or materials when using our deposition tools

Jeannie Perez nperez at
Tue Nov 1 14:38:12 PDT 2011

Hi Everyone,
Coral will not ask you for any information when enabling our Metal 
deposition tools, *_SO MEASURE ALL METALS / MATERIALS._* For the 
evaporation tools, you'll need to measure sources with the pellets or 
sources first then pellets to get the total weight and save that 
information on the log sheets,because Coral will ask for the weights AND 
which metal/material used for deposit when you disable on Coral. Some of 
the metals/materials are missing from the list. For example; Titanium is 
missing from the list, select Aluminum and comment in the comment box to 
clarify what you did. Another example is if you were unable to deposit 
for any reason (equipment goes down, out of metals, defective metals), 
select any metal and weight, but comment into the comment box what 
really happen until management can analyze what to change or if they 
want to change anything.

Sorry for the confusion,
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