Reservation and handling ISSUES at Innotec

Jeannie Perez nperez at
Fri Jun 15 08:37:02 PDT 2012

Hi Everyone,
We are seeing longer pump down times at Innotec. I am not seeing longer 
reservation times to compensate for this. We are now asking for
all Users to _reserve a minimum time of 2.5 hours for each pump down 
_until we see a faster pump down time.

This will help eliminate Users running into the next User's time.
This will give you time to leave the system in better condition for the 
Innotec Community.

It's taking 1.35 to 2 hours to pump down to the standard base pressure 
of 5.0X10-7. If you are using Ti to pump down faster, I am asking that 
you wait
1 hour before starting up the Ti. I'd like to make sure that we can keep 
the Cryo-pump clean and  running until the new one is in and in-stalled.

A reminder that this is a vacuum system and things going in the chamber 
must be clean as well. No handling wafers with your hands/fingers 
(tweezers only).
Dummy wafers are kept in a box with one wafer per slot (NO stacking 
wafers on top of each other).

Best Regards,
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