[innotec] Ti/Al/Pt/Au thin film deposition on GaN

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Innotec should be capable of this deposition, perhaps it is the only system in SNF to be so.

Try to plan your experiments to deposit at least several wafers at one time.   This to conserve precious metals as well as precious Innotec time.  14 "outer row" slots with about the same dep pattern are available.  8 more "inner row" slots are available with a similar but somewhat different dep pattern.

I am happy to help you get the best out of our SNF equipment.  E-mail for an appointment if you want to talk.


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Subject: [innotec] Ti/Al/Pt/Au thin film deposition on GaN
Hi INNOTEC users,

We want to deposit Ti (~20nm)/Al(~200nm)/Pt(~40nm)/Au(~100nm) on GaN as source and drain contacts. Can INNOTEC do this? Or could anyone recommend other tools with such capability?

Many thanks!

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