Problem intlvac_evap SNF 2012-10-18 12:26:32: Cryo pump dumped and need to change the Emitter

mahnaz at mahnaz at
Sun Dec 23 08:58:35 PST 2012

We pumped the system last night and we tried to run it this morning 
doing 1000A of AL.
Cryo pump dumped and shut off, I like to know what causes that?
Does the computer communicate with cryo pump other than just the
There was a power spike and we heard a noise, the gate valve closed and we shut it down was about 1mt.
I tried to look into the log/history  it seems to be corrupted? 
I hqave written to Dan ( intlvac) so far no respond from him  as i have many questions.
Jim will be working on the tool this afternoon.

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