Problem intlvac_sputter SNF 2012-05-31 17:35:06: pure Al film looks hazy/clouded

fpurkl at fpurkl at
Thu May 31 17:35:07 PDT 2012

I ran the 'standard' 400V dual AC receipe with pure Al targets to get a 1um film.
The film I got looks fairly hazy/clouded, not shiny as expected from Al. The dep rate was ~ 1/2 compared to what previous user reported.
These are the paramters and measurement results:
Time: 18.25 min; 
P=1975-1900W; (start-end value)
I=5.48-5.3A; (start-end value)
Expected thickness 1um; 
Measured thickness on edge with profilometer: 490-553nm; 
Sheet resistance w/ Prometrix: 21Ohm+3.25%, >10/49 measurement points didn't work with multiple measurements on 2 wafers.

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