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****Cover Letter****
Trent Hill
1191 Kimberly Court
Hollister, CA 95023

Dear Prospective Employer:

I have taken the liberty of enclosing this copy of my current resume for your consideration
with the interest of employment potential within your organization. It will furnish you 
with the details relative to my background and overall capabilities.

My trouble-shooting knowledge and experience with complex electro-mechanical systems, 
incorporating a vast array of electro/mech components and sub-assemblies can be universally applied to all systems in a wide range of industries.

Should you have a present or anticipated requirement for an individual that possesses my 
qualifications, I would very much appreciate an opportunity to meet with you personally,
so that we may discuss in detail the specifics of obtaining a position within your organization.

I may be contacted at the above mentioned address, or by telephone at: (831) 636-7781

In the interim, I thank you for your kind attention, consideration, and await a forthcoming response.


Trent Hill

Name:		Trent Hill
Address:	1191 Kimberly Ct
	 	Hollister, CA 95023
Job Title: 	Equipment Maintenance Technician
Will Relocate?	N 
Experience Level:15
Work Auth:	United States
Primary Phone:	831-636-7781
Secondary Phone:
Email: 		thill12278 at 
Minimum Annual Salary Requirement: $80,000



1191 Kimberly Court					                     
Hollister, CA 95023 (1 hr south of San Jose)                                    
                thill12278 at
To obtain a position as a senior Equipment Maintenance Technician.


20 years in maintenance, trouble-shooting and repairing complex
electro-mechanical systems in the semiconductor and rigid disk manufacturing
>From 1998 to 2002 served as Metals Equipment Engineer, during that time I
successfully spearheaded the Sputter maintenance group at IDT, being responsible
for the maintenance and productivity of 5 Sputter systems (PVD) and 2 Rapid
Thermal Processing systems (RTP). 
Plan, organize and assist in two Endura 5500 installations, perform final
debugging and work with process engineering to qualify all pvd and etch

Equipment Maintenance positions required the following common skills and
Strong analytical problem solving skills.
Trouble-shoot effectively from schematics and technical manuals.
Trouble-shoot to component level when required.
Utilize digital multimeters, rf power meters, oscilloscopes, amp clamps,
residual gas analyzers, helium leak detectors, semy and sensarray computer
Skilled in use of computers for input/output of service reports and other data
via Windows, Word, Outlook, Project, Internet, Promis, laptops, Pda's, IBM
and Mac pc's.    
Systems utilized robotic transport devices as well as pneumatic and hydraulic
Perform quarterly, semi-annual and annual pm's.
Train entry level technicians on equipment and operational procedures.
Continually improve and update maint spec's and procedural documents.
Effective  verbal and written communication skills.

Wafer Fab Equipment Maintenance Technician,                                  
December 2003 - Present
Vishay Siliconix - Santa Clara, CA

Trouble-shoot, repair and pm all equipment in the thin films department
including Amat Endura 5500, Centura 5200, P5000, MRC Eclipse, Varian 3290,
Novellus Concept 1.

Small Business Manager,                                                         
              November 2002 - August 2003
Elevator Design Inc. - Morgan Hill, CA

Business manager for fabrication shop that manufactured elevator components.
Responsibilities included coordinate and schedule jobs, interface with vendors
and customers,
            supervise shop employee, write and submit proposals, order
materials, pay bills, balance check 
            book and tend to banking matters, bill customers and track invoices,
weekly payroll.
Organize office and shop procedures to function more efficiently.

Wafer Fab Equipment Maintenance Technician,                                  
May 1989 - October 2002
Integrated Device Technology - Salinas, CA

Trouble-shoot, repair and calibrate robotic wafer handling assemblies.
Perform Endura 5500 robot bearing pm's and extensive robot handling
Trouble-shoot, program and modify PLC ladder networks on Yaskawa P150 computers
to optimize tool performance, improve up-time and resolve equipment issues.

Rigid Disk Equipment Maintenance Technician,                                  
August 1987 - April 1989
Domain Technology - Milpitas, CA

Began experience with sputter and vacuum system technology working on Varian MDP
            and Vac-Tec sputter systems.
Trouble-shoot, repair and pm all equipment in the sputter department. 

Rigid Disk Equipment Maintenance Technician,                                  
June 1986 - July 1987
Xidex Data Disk Corp - Santa Clara, CA

Trouble-shoot, repair and pm all equipment in the coat, polish, over-coat,
burnish and certifier departments.

Welder and Metal Fabrication,                                                   
           May 1981 - October 1984
Process Engineers Inc - Hayward, CA

Manufacture and install food, winery and pharmaceutical processing equipment. 
Did field repair and installation welding at various wineries and food plants.
Welded (Tig, Mig, Stick, Oxy-Acetylene) and fabricated stainless steel
Specialized in Tig welding.
Built products and prototypes from engineers technical drawings.
Operated various metal shop tools, machinery and welding apparatus.


AS Degree in Electronics, DeVry University - Phoenix, AZ	                
    June 1986
Welding Diploma, Airco Technical Institute - Oakland, CA                       
April 1981

                                           TECHNICAL EQUIPMENT KNOWLEDGE
Sputter systems - Amat Endura 5500, Anelva 1051 and 1013, MRC Eclipse and 643,
CPA 9900, 
                                       Varian 3290 and MDP 1000, Vac-Tec. 
Diffusion/RTP systems - Thermco TMX 9000, AG Heatpulse 8108.
CVD - Amat Centura 5200 and P5000, Novellus Concept 1, ASM Plasma III PECVD.    
Wet Etch - FSI Mercury and Titan, Submicron Systems.

                                                           TECHNICAL TRAINING
Endura 5500 - Up to and including Advanced Robot Calibration Procedures.
Anelva 1051, MRC 643, Thermco TMX 9000, AG Heatpulse 8108, FSI Mercury,         
              John Ryburn Thermco Training, Varian Vacuum Technology School.

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