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****Cover Letter****
Gary R. Brown
4591 Serra Ave
Fremont, California 94538
fed2005 at

Dear Sirs:

I’m a maintenance and engineering professional with over 30 years experience in the semiconductor, industrial, and commercial sectors. My experience in machine design, industrial automation, facilities, electronic, and mechanical repair covers many diverse industries. Having a strong background in electronic/electrical control systems coupled with excellent abilities in other phases of maintenance (mechanical, pneumatic, high vacuum, process control, fluidic, HVAC, etc),
I would appreciate your reviewing my qualifications for positions you may have available. 

In previous positions my contributions have resulted in increased equipment uptime and a substantial reduction in outside vendor service visits leading to increased productivity and reduced costs. I’m versed in most areas of industrial technology and can apply this knowledge and experience to any process or equipment I encounter. 

I pride myself on my technical skills and strive to constantly improving them, both in the disciplines I’m familiar with and new ones. In addition to my background in all phases of maintenance I also possess supervisory and management experience. I would welcome the opportunity to be of service to your firm. Thank you for your consideration.

Gary R. Brown

Name:		Gary Brown
Address:	4591 Serra Ave
	 	Fremont, CA 94538
Job Title: 	Maint Manager/Engineer
Will Relocate?	N 
Experience Level:15
Work Auth:	United States
Primary Phone:	510 673 4249
Secondary Phone:
Email: 		jetjock11 at 
Minimum Annual Salary Requirement: Unspecified 


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  Gary R. Brown  
  4591 Serra Ave  
  Fremont, Ca 94539  
  jetjock11 at  
  Objective:  Maintenance Engineer/Manager/Technician  
  Over 30 years maintenance/machine design/engineering    experience in the    
manufacturing, and industrial sectors.  
Programmable logic control, computer control, servo control, robotics, 
all forms of closed loop control, temperature control, high voltage 
RF and DC power supplies, and electronic/electrical design. Working 
knowledge of machine tools, metal working, tool and die work. Able to 
operate lathes, milling machines, and perform intricate mechanical service 
and calibration/metrology. Able to service equipment requiring high 
with industrial heating and air conditioning systems, power   
DC and AC motor controls, boiler systems, Ultra Pure water and   
temperature controls. EPA 609 MVAC and 608 Type I AC   
in the HVAC and refrigeration field.    
with all forms of electrical equipment. Power distribution,   
security and fire prevention systems, etc. At one time a   
with most forms of electronic and mechanical test and measurement   
and instrumentation.   
knowledge of soldering, brazing, and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding.   
in automotive technology, tribology, and aircraft maintenance.  
a certified A&P mechanic).  
hour Commercial/Instrument/Multi-Engine Pilot with jet experience.   
Certificated Flight Instructor.  
  Employment History:  
  Maintenance Manager/Equipment 
Engineer, California Micro Devices, Milpitas California. 1993- 2003  
  Manager of a six technician line maintenance department involved in 
the maintenance of capital equipment used in integrated circuit wafer 
fabrication. Duties were to oversee daily operation of department and 
assist my staff in resolving technical problems. I was responsible for 
the departmental budget, material control, and hiring/training of personnel. 
Prior to this assuming this position I was the firm’s sole Equipment 
  Senior Maintenance 
Technician, Hewlett Packard, Northwest Integrated Circuits Division, 
Corvallis, Oregon. 1990-1993  
  Provided engineering and maintenance support for a state of the art 
semiconductor fabrication facility. Responsible for all phases of repair 
and troubleshooting of capital process equipment used in semiconductor 
fabrication. Sputtering, Ion Implantation, Diffusion, Plasma Etch Systems, 
systems. Familiar with all facets of operation and repair of high vacuum 
equipment, RGA, helium leak detectors, mass spectrometers, high voltage 
RF power and DC supplies, and process gas systems. Designed custom electronic 
and mechanical equipment solutions to increase system reliability. Responsible 
for root cause failure analysis of down time events and implementation 
of programs to prevent reoccurrence. Responsible for installation of 
new capital equipment and determining baseline operation. Development 
of preventive and proactive maintenance programs to reduce unscheduled 
  Equipment Engineer, 
California Micro Devices, Milpitas, California. 1986-1990  
  Responsible for all plant maintenance of facility and process equipment. 
Maintained and repaired all equipment used in semiconductor manufacturing.  
Familiar with automated rework machines, wave soldering systems, wafer 
and IC handling equipment, and laser trimming systems. Knowledge of 
high vacuum components and pumps (cryogenic, diffusion, turbo molecular), 
RGA and leak detection, industrial automation, process gas systems, 
toxic gas monitoring systems, plant lighting and power distribution, 
ultra-pure water and waste stream treatment. Performed precision   
mechanical and electronic maintenance of all types including calibration, 
design, and fabrication of custom process equipment using digital control, 
PLC, pneumatic, hydraulic, high voltage power supplies and other technologies. 
Responsible for the facility’s power, standby power, waste stream, pure 
water, lighting, and HVAC. Performed complete refurbishment and start 
up of used equipment bought by the firm. All work done to component 
  Maintenance Manager/Master 
Technician/Field Service Engineer, Lam Research Corp, Fremont, Ca. 1984-1986  
  Supervised the Process Maintenance Department consisting of seven 
technicians. Set departmental priorities and personal to insure uptime 
of process, R&D, and line equipment. Responsible for hiring and 
training as well as departmental budget, materials control, and plant 
safety. Prior to this promotion I was a Master Technician in the firm’s 
Final Test and Assembly Department where I performed full maintenance 
and testing of newly constructed process equipment. This was a swing 
shift position without supervision. I was also responsible for the facility 
and the safety of other employees during the shift. Prior to assuming 
that position I served in the Field Service Department. My duties involved 
worldwide installation and servicing of the company’s line of plasma 
etching and semiconductor processing equipment .  All the work was done to component level.  
  Senior Technician/Metrologist, 
Leasametric Corp, Foster City California. 1982-1984  
  Bench and laboratory technician responsible for troubleshooting and 
repair of microprocessor development systems and many other types of 
calibration and electronic test/metrology equipment.   
  Service Manager, Western 
Division, Hyer Industries, Thayer Scale, Burlingame, Ca. 1980-1982  
  Duties were unsupervised worldwide travel and servicing of computer 
based dynamic process control weighing systems installed and operated 
across many diverse industries. Installed and serviced blending, batching, 
continuous, and proportional electronic weighing systems, instrumentation 
and process controls in the mining, petroleum, chemical, food, power, 
nuclear, and other industries. All work done to component level.  
  Service Engineer, Hyer 
Industries, Thayer Scale, Pembroke, Mass. 1977-1980  
  Duties were the same as above prior to establishing the Western Service 
Office. In this and the later position I was exposed to a wide variety 
of different industries and manufacturing processes including food, 
mining, chemical, petrochemical, conventional and nuclear power, etc.  
  Maintenance Technician, 
Semline Inc, Braintree, Mass. 1975-1977  
  Responsible for all forms of maintenance on automated printing and 
binding manufacturing equipment. Maintained offset presses, digital 
based binding and collating systems both foreign and domestically manufactured. 
I was also responsible for plant lighting, HVAC, and power .  As the firm’s sole automation specialist 
I was serviced three facilities within a 25 mile area.   
  Maintenance Electrician, 
American Abrasives, Rockland, Mass. 1972-1975  
  Responsible for electrical maintenance of plant machinery, control, 
automation, and instrumentation used in the manufacturing of   abrasive   products .  Experience with analog process control 
systems, programmable logic systems, etc. In addition to these responsibilities 
I performed mechanical maintenance.  
Shore Regional Vocational Technical High School, Hanover Mass. Electrical/electronics.  
employment related courses involving technical subjects and management.    
in the United States Air Force and Reserves as a Military Police Officer.  



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