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****Cover Letter****
I have worked for Applied Materials over nine years and in the RTP division from its beginning. I was always selected lead on the most difficult projects for R&D, release and implementation to Intel. This included 200mm and 300mm RTP and the new Laser light knife project. I did all first in fab installs world wide, established I&W standards for the division. I developed the AMAT  Copy exact program for Intel and was final review for all documentation releases.
	At Kokusai Electric vertical furnace , I was responsible for developing the training, documentation and Copy Exact  program. I hired, trained and managed all new Field service personnel.
I also developed the customer training program and trained the customer base ( mostly  Intel, TI and VLSI) 
	I am looking for similar challenges in my next endeavor.

Name:		Vernon Behrens
Address:	5335 Fairway DR
	 	San Jose, CA 95127
Job Title: 	Design for service engineer
Will Relocate?	Y 
Experience Level:15
Work Auth:	United States
Primary Phone:	408 563 4858
Secondary Phone:408 254 2434
Email: 		vernonbehrens at 
Minimum Annual Salary Requirement: Unspecified 


Vernon Behrens
H (408) 254 2434            5335 Fairway Drive San Jose Ca 95127     Cell (408)
431¨ 2022¨ 
vernonbehrens at

Tenacious TPS Manager with 10+ years extensive manufacturing experience in the
competitive semiconductor equipment arena. Background includes High Energy
Implanters, LPCVD, Vertical Diffusion Furnaces, Epitaxial, Etchers, and 6m x 6m
IJP for Flat Panel Display. Expertise also includes WW TPS, Copy Exact, DFS and
Project Management. Consistently succeed when given the impossible.  

Professional Experience

Litrex Corporation, Pleasanton, CA                                              
   May 2005 - present
Total Product Support Manager 
Managed¨ the world-wide¨ TPS IJP team for Legacy and Gen6-series IJP tools.¨ 
Developed training program for TPS engineers and customer base. Responsible for
tool manufacturing, final assembly, troubleshooting and customer final test.
Instituted company procedures data base. Managed local and remote spares
●Managed Engineering Software and TPS departments for the first customer build
of an 
   IJP for 3 m x 3 m flat panel displays. First tool sold to AUO for $3,700,000
with future 
   orders for 8 – 12 tools.
●Directed manufacturing¨ build schedule which resulted in a 6 week reduction
in the 
   Legacy build cycle.
●Managed an eight person, cross-functional, on-site team during IJP install at
AUO in 
   Taiwan. Completed first install of IJP for flat panel displays in ~ 2.5
●Instituted changes to the BOM improving part identification in the field.
   downtime and support was reduced by 50%.

Applied Materials, Santa Clara, CA                                              
May 1992 - May 2005¨  
DFS Engineer – contract (2003-2005)
Investigated new and existing AMAT tool designs for safety, ergonomics and
preventive maintenance performance.. 
●Provided design improvement recommendations.  Lowered cost of ownership (CoO)

   for customer base and reduced start-up costs for Applied and customers. 

Project Manager Light Knife Project (2002-2003) 
Supported hardware development of next generation RTP (rapid thermal anneal
process) semi-conductor equipment. Interfaced with Software and Hardware
●Received patent for Dynamic Surface Anneal. 

Project Manager 300 mm Project (2001-2002) 
Responsible for the development of the Intel 300 mm and the integration of first
factory interface wafer automation unit to the AMAT standard 300 mm mainframe.
Managed development and integration of new 300 mm RTP chamber to mainframe.
Managed Intel Customer Demo, data report summary and presentation addressing
customer issues. Received award from the customer and AMAT. 
●Created hardware and software development leading to the quickest tool
   in AMAT division history.
●Managed Field Service Install team for 200 mm RTP tools. Reduced install
costs from 
   $300,000 to $120,000 in 200+ installations.
●Managed development of Applied Material’s first 300mm RTP Demo tool leading
   the first customer order by Intel of over 100 tools at $3,000,000 each. 

Intel Account TPS/’Copy Exact’ Manager (1997 - 2001) 
Responsible for WW TPS engineers, work load scheduling, budgeting and locale
assignments. Reduced start-up costs by 65%, which set division standards for
installation costs. Developed and improved manufacturing Final Test system test
procedures. Coordinated interface between mechanical engineering, software
engineering and manufacturing to isolate and resolve system issues. 
●Developed corporate ‘copy exact’ standards to meet Intel requirements. 
Improved total
  product reliability improving uptime by 25%. 
●Developed 300mm corporate ‘copy exact’ program for outsource vendors.
   ‘copy exact’ violations by 300%.
●Delivered first 300mm tool to Intel. Managed ‘copy exact’ tool build that
   market to 200+ orders. AMAT is still vendor for all 1256 and 1258 orders. 
Customer Support Engineer (1995-1997) 

Kokusai Electric Corp, Milpitas, CA                                             
May 1992 – May 1995 Training Manager/Field Engineer 
Established VLSI’s requirements which led to the first vertical furnace sold
in the American market. Key interface during Intel negotiations. Established
tool design standards criteria for the American market resulting in Kokusai
becoming the leading supplier for Intel vertical furnaces. Received award bonus
from VLSI.
●Organized spares support program to meet Intel order requirements for
   vertical furnace. Program led to a first order of 35 tools.
●Supported initial Intel order by hiring, training, and managing entire Field
   department in less than 3 months. Customer satisfaction led to a 2nd order of
50 tools at
   $800,000 each.
●Saved ~6 days of downtime and $500,000 in quartz replacement parts through
   consecutive power outages of customer’s semiconductor vertical furnace. 
●Developed vertical diffusion and LPCVD furnace sectionalized training program
   Intel. Training program was turned into a product and sold to entire customer

Field Engineer, Lam Research (EPI Division)
Engineering Manager, Eaton Nova (Ion Beam Division)
●Designed new wafer clamping mechanism for semiconductor high energy
implanters at IBM, Intel and Fairchild. Reduced wafer breakage by 60% and
downtime by 45%.


B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Northeastern University, Boston, MA 
B.S. Management, University of Massachusetts, Boston, MA

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