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****Cover Letter****
I am a dynamic technical manager seeking a position where I can learn new technologies, lead and motivate teams to accomplish projects, manage infrastructure, and develop processes to increase efficiency. I have a strong electronics, computer, and mechanical background with extensive experience managing engineering development centers in the semiconductor industry. I drive projects and initiatives to successful conclusions by developing, motivating, and leading cross-functional teams within engineering lab environments. Additionally, I have over five years of experience in customer service repair organizations focused on test and repair, process improvement, and root cause analysis of automatic test equipment (ATE).

Name:		Marc Bonner
Address:	2515 Carlmont Dr #14
	 	Belmont, CA 94002
Job Title: 	Engineering Lab Manager
Will Relocate?	N 
Experience Level:5
Work Auth:	United States
Primary Phone:	650-862-3248
Secondary Phone:650-631-9962
Email: 		marc_bonner at 
Minimum Annual Salary Requirement: Unspecified 


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  Marc F. Bonner  
  2515 Carlmont Dr #14 Belmont, CA 94002  
  (650) 862-3248 / marc_bonner at  
  Extensive experience 
in technology management and lab operations, including hardware integration, 
software testing, hardware development, and program implementation for 
the Semiconductor and Electronics Industry   
     Excellent management 
  skills w  ith 
  hands-on experience leading     integration 
  teams in product development   
     Proven track   record of effective 
  leadership, team motivation, and timel  y project completion with   quality results   
     Excellent written 
  and oral communication skills, driving   engineering projects   to successful outcomes   
     Strong analytical 
  skills and creative problem solving abilities across a broad range of 
  technical and business ar  eas   
     Strong organizational 
  skills that facilitate and streamline processes in large complex work 
SYSTEMS (Formerly NPTest / Schlumberger)            (November 1994 – August 
  Milpitas and San Jose, 
  Manager, Test Systems Engineering 
     Seven   years experience managing   engineering development 
  center  s     at ISO9001 level compliance   providing   engineering   and applications   services for the development of   high-speed multi-functional digital instruments for the testi  ng of ASIC, SoC, high 
  pin-count graphics chipsets,   and   mixed-signal 
  and logic ICs   
     Led integration 
  teams of   engineering 
  technicians and   en  gineers   to   perform experiments, integrate hardware with software, and to ensure 
  timely completion of project delive  rabl  es 
  on numerous engineering projects   
     Provided oversight 
  and allocated technical resources to meet critical program milestones 
  in close consultation with design engineers and senior engineering management   
     Designed, presented, 
  and obtained buy-in from executi  ve management of complete lab layout, space allocation, and   facility infrastructure 
  required  to accommodate engineering   validation test   systems, test rigs  , and an extensive array of precision measurement   equipment   
     Managed two comprehensive 
  Engineering Lab   moves, each in excess of   9  000 
  sq ft with assets over $1  5   million, 
  affecting over   3  00 engineering 
  and technical service personnel   world   wide 
  with   virtually 
  zero development down time and no negative   impact on customer commitments   
     Simultaneously managed Dem  onstration and Training labs to improve appearance, facilitate customer 
  projects,   comply with unique customer test requirements,   and enhance the overall training environment   
     Developed and 
  coordinated reliability improvement experiments, including Highly Ac  celerated Lifetime   Testing (HALT) and   EMC testing of   high speed digital 
  and analog   instruments, major system assemblies, an  d printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA) under test   
     Performed Root Cause Analysis   on high pin-count digital and analog instruments d  ocumenting   findings to   Technical Support to   reduce   instrument and test system   MTBF   
     Conducted   e  ngineering demos,   presentations  ,   a  nd lab tours to showcase   lab mission, services 
  offered, and product capabilities to   internal and external customers   leading to a  dditional sales and increased revenue   
     Developed and 
  implemented Traini  ng, Safety, and ESD programs,   procedures  , and controls   
     Provided expense 
  forecasts   to senior management   and managed $  180  K   annual lab budget for 
     Identified and 
  implemented cost   reduction initiatives including power consumption studies that resulted 
  in 20% annual lab operations cost savings for the company   
     Performed fixed 
  asset inventories, tracked project materials, lab consumables, and managed 
  precision measurement equipment including   procurement,   tracking, calibration  ,   and     repair   
     Built engineering 
  test rigs and validation systems to support     five   remote SW   development sites networked   throughout   the US, UK, and France   
     Worked c  losely with logistics 
  buyers and material planners   to identify vendors, procure parts, and reduce lead times   for critical project 
  materials and     sustaining 
  ac  tivities   
     Proficient in 
  MS Of  fice 
  [Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Project]   
  Lead Electronics Test Technician  ,   Customer Service Repair Center, San Jose, CA  
     Led test and 
  repair operations   for customer returns   and directly   supervised   electronics technicians   
     Operated Schlumberger 
  ITS700 and S79  0   UNIX 
  based   test 
  systems to test customer PCBAs   
     Performed maintenance, 
  troubleshooting, and repair   of   automated   test   systems and supporting hardware to   the   component 
     Organized   test floor   to optimize production, 
  add new equipment,   and enhance efficie  ncy   
     Tracked customer 
  repairs and chaired status meetings to reduce repair turn-around-times 
  (TAT), and can-not-duplicate (CND), rates   
AIRLINES                                                                                 (September 1991 – August 
  Lead Avionics Technician  , ATE Lab, Atlanta, GA  
     Led automatic 
  flight control group of six technicians in testing and repair of fleet 
  aircraft components   
     Prioritized work 
  flow and provided status reports on repair activities to lab management   
     Operated Au  tomated Test Equipment 
  (ATE), i  ncluding 
  Collins ITS700   and Aerospatiale ATEC5000   
     Tested, calibrated, 
  and repaired flight control computers and cockpit display processors 
  on Boeing 737, 757, 767  , and McDonnell Douglas L1011   aircraft   
     Implemented and 
  tested e  ngineering 
  change orders on Boeing   flight control components   
STATES AIR FORCE                                                     
(  December 
1978 – September 1991)  
  Avionics Lab Supervisor  , Holloman AFB, NM  
     Managed overall 
  lab   production   of avionics   system repairs to support 
  75 F15 fighter aircraft   
     Implemented squadron 
  mobility deployment plans in support of operation desert storm   
     L  ed technician teams 
  to test, troubleshoot, and repair aircraft integrated avionics components   
     Performed alignments 
  on AP  G63 
  radar systems and heads-up display units on assigned aircraft   
  Lead Avionics Technician  , Luke AFB, AZ / Kadena AFB, Japan  
     Led maintenance 
  team  s   in test  ing   and repair activities on F15   fighter aircraft   radar, navigation, displays, and electronic warfare   systems   
     Set priorities 
  and managed work flow to optimize mission capable status of   assigned   aircraft   
     Tested, calibrated, 
  and repaired aircraft components and computerized test equipment   
  Aircraft Mechanic Crew Chief  ,   Inspection Section, Langley AFB, VA  
     Pe  rformed maintenance 
  and   periodic   inspections on fighter 
  aircraft including F106 and F15  A-C   variants   
     Engine run and 
  Taxi qualified   
     Performed routine   aircraft launch and recovery operations   
  Digital Test Methodology  
  ITS9000GX Maintenance with Subroutine and APG  
  BEST 3 Teamwork  
in Information Systems  , University of Phoenix, San Jose, CA June 1999  
  A.A.S. in Electronics Technology  , CCAF, Maxwell AFB, AL April 1991  
  A.A. in General Studies  , University of Maryland, College Park, MD August 1989                                                   
  USAF Technical School,   Electronic Principals & Computerized Test Equipment, September 
  USAF Technical School,   Aircraft Maintenance Specialist, April 1979  



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