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****Cover Letter****
Dear Sir,

I am writing to you in application for the position advertised
My professional background reflects a wide range of experience and achievements in the semiconductor industry, people and project management, software, customer service and applications support  

Based upon my solid work history, I am confident I will be able to make an immediate and positive impact on your organization. Thank you for conscientiously reviewing my resume and I look forward to meeting you an interview.

Rod Blair.

Name:		Rod Blair
Address:	18 Saltcoats Gardens
	 	Livingston,  EH54 9JD
Job Title: 	European Applications and Service Engineer
Will Relocate?	Y 
Experience Level:15
Work Auth:	United States
Primary Phone:	+44 1506 418415
Secondary Phone:+44 7709 411392
Email: 		rodblair at 
Minimum Annual Salary Requirement: $100,000


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  Curriculum Vitae of Roderick Blair  
     Senior level Service and Applications Engineer 
  with outstanding customer support skills and the ability to interact 
  and maintain professional credibility with new and existing customers 
  and partners at all levels.   First class presentation 
  and training skills. Outstanding IT and software skills.    
   Personal Details   
   Name:           Roderick 
Blair (Mr.)       
   Date of Birth:     14th November 1970    
   Address:     18 Saltcoats Gardens, Livingston, 
Scotland, United Kingdom, EH54 9JD     
   Telephone:      Home:   +44 1506 418415  
 Cellphone: +44 7709 411392   
   Email:      rodblair at   
   Marital Status:     Married with one child   
   Driving License:    Full (no penalties)   
   Professional Development and Higher 
   Sep 96    The U.K. Chartered Management 
Institute, London, U.K.   
Introduction to Management Certificate.   
  Aug 88 - Jun 90 Napier University, 
Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K  
  Higher National Diploma Applied 
Physics with Microelectronics.   
  Employee Accreditation  
  Attended 12 separate Therma-Wave 
in-house accredited training programs covering Developing Hardware, 
Robotics, Applications, Networking and Software.  
  Employment Details  
  Jan 06 - Present Teltec Semiconductors,  Montpellier, France.   
 Senior European Field Service and Applications Engineer.   
  Complete responsibility for 
the execution and closure of all hardware and application evaluations 
in European and Middle Eastern regions for Therma-Wave tools.       
  Management of complex assignments, 
teams and timescales for the delivery of customer solutions and training.  
  Provision of ongoing field feedback, 
reporting and communication with relevant engineering departments over 
design, reliability and maintenance.  
  Designed and implemented a new 
DOS networking system enabling customer tools to be networked and data 
to be shared readily.  
  Currently working with customers 
and sales team to expand the tool portfolio among existing customer 
  Jun 04 - Jan 06 Therma-Wave (UK) 
Ltd. , Leamington Spa, United Kingdom   
Senior European Service and Applications Engineer.  
  Newly created role. Chosen by 
Headquarters to be cross-trained in both service and applications engineering 
where I excelled as a complete service provider to customers across 
Europe and Israel. New role led to reduced tool downtime for customers.  
  Complete responsibility for 
a diverse customer base of around 50 tools including new installations, 
system upgrades and modifications, tool repairs, on-site training and 
account management.  
  Management of multiple project 
escalations across customer, region, and various factory resources to 
meet customer milestones.  
  Designed and implemented new hardware data analysis 
tools that enable field personnel to examine tool data. System was adopted 
worldwide to assist the fault-finding process.  
  Apr 98 - Dec 03  Therma-Wave (UK) 
Ltd.,  Leamington Spa, United Kingdom   
European Applications Supervisor  
  Responsible for building, leading, 
and mentoring a team of engineers to deliver solutions to customers 
throughout Europe and Israel. Role also included customer presentations 
and proposals for the creation and delivery of revenue generating services.     
  Championed the transition program 
for the migration of tools from DOS to NT operating system in the European 
  Designated field expert selected 
to deliver high level customer training at customer facilities and at 
the headquarter site in USA.  
  Designed and implemented online 
Customer service report database enabling customer issues and solutions 
to be accessed by field personnel. System was adopted worldwide to drive 
service efficiencies.  
  Developed customer account and 
sales opportunities for service and applications through ongoing communication 
with customer to advance their appreciation of the merits of the tool.  
  Aug 95 - Apr 98 Therma-Wave (UK) 
Ltd.,  Leamington Spa, United Kingdom    
 European Applications Engineer.   
  Instrumental in the customer 
service startup team and development of the European operation. Involved 
in the delivery of both applications and hardware solutions during rapid 
expansion across a large geographical base.  
  Created and delivered high value 
contractual services including machine setups, data analysis, MTBF optimization, 
technical customer training programs and software upgrades.  
  Project managed software and 
applications installation processes from hardware install to customer 
acceptance and post install services across large-scale customer projects.  
  Oct 92 - Aug 95 Digital Equipment, 
South Queensferry, Scotland U.K.  
 Senior Process / Hardware Engineer, Thin Films   
  Jul 90 - Oct 92  NEC Semiconductors, 
Livingston, Scotland, U.K.  
 Thin Films Process Engineer  
  Hobbies and Interests     
  Running marathons, music, squash.  
  Professional References  
  Available on request.  



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