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****Cover Letter****

Name:		Timothy Casper
Address:	519 Monterey Avenue
	 	Los Gatos, CA 95030
Job Title: 	Senior Technical Engineer
Will Relocate?	Y 
Experience Level:10
Work Auth:	United States
Primary Phone:	408 832 3867
Secondary Phone:
Email: 		tim_casper at 
Minimum Annual Salary Requirement: Unspecified 


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  Timothy L. Casper  
  519 Monterey Avenue    Los Gatos, California 95030    
(408) 832 3867    tim_casper at  
 Enthusiastic, goal-oriented 
technical professional completing Master of Business Administration, 
June 2007, developing advanced business acumen and extensive hands-on 
technology experience in new product engineering, manufacturing, and 
service organizations from the semiconductor capital equipment industry 
to bring successful advancements in customer support excellence and 
program management by leveraging a proven track record of providing 
comprehensive analytical solutions in fast-paced, high-pressure, customer-centric 
environments under solid project management and communication skills 
coupled with superior risk assessment and problem solving skills to 
deliver success and improve bottom line results.  
Jose, CA   2002 – 2007   
  Senior Product Support Engineer  
  -   Influence   executive decision making for product improvements 
through weekly presentation and counseling which resulted in the completion 
of ten major projects within one year impacting over $2M in warranty 
  - Launched and managed the technical engineering product 
improvement program; results include over 60% drop in reported software 
  - Delivered complex technical solutions in fast-paced, 
high-pressure environments leveraging technical analysis, problem solving, 
and project management skills which contributed to the successful installation 
of three major generation product lines.   
  - Drove stakeholders from engineering, manufacturing, 
customer account, and field operations at multiple levels towards deliverables 
on critical customer issues for final product acceptance contributing 
to quarterly revenue recognition ranging from $1M to $6M.  
  - guided, coordinated, and managed FSEs, junior service, 
and engineering staff to deliver solutions for resolving customer systems’ 
chronic and non-systemic electrical, mechanical, and software system 
  - Solid track record of providing successful onsite 
and indirect customer issues management and support for customer through 
the Asia-Pacific region including Samsung, LG, AUO, BOE, Innolux, and 
Clara, CA  , 1995 – 1996; 1997 – 2002   
  Global Software Support Engineer  
  - Developed and refined the first implementation of 
Global Software Support for a $250M products division, results included 
significant dramatic improvement of customer satisfaction and increased 
system MTBF for reducing cost of ownership.   
  - Analyzed, resolved, and implemented hundreds of 
complex real-time electromechanical systems software control bug and 
enhancement improvements for continuous product improvement of critical 
customer accounts such as Intel, AMD, and Motorola.   
  - Coordinated and managed software engineering personnel 
to deliver critical customer product requirements for key accounts world 
wide, which included receiving the Intel FCED Supplier Award by providing 
superior software control package release management and support services, 
a +$150M account.  
  ONTRACK SYSTEMS,   San Jose, CA,  1996 – 1997   
  Senior Field Engineer  
  - Single-handedly managed and installed one of the 
first prototype 200mm CMP systems in less than two months with full 
customer sign-off, minimizing the need for additional engineering and 
management resources while delivering additional features and product 
  Masters level Finance:   
  Business Valuations and Investments –   Internal rate of return, DCF modeling, relative valuation, 
options valuation, intangibles valuation  
  Financial Engineering – options modeling, binomial 
models, Black Scholes, YTM  
  Masters level Accounting:  
  Managerial, Financial, and Cost Accounting – t-accounts, 
budget forecasting, depreciation, ABC, balance sheet, cash flow, and 
income statement analysis  
  Fundamental Value Analysis – ratio analysis, sales 
forecasting, residual income  
  Masters level Operations:  
  Computer Based Decision models – forecasting, resource 
optimization, linear programming  
  Operations Management – demand forecasting, JIT, queuing, 
tolerance stack up  
  Masters level Marketing:   
  Strategic Marketing Management – Industry analysis 
(Porter’s five forces and value chain); SWOT; quantitative and qualitative 
analysis for investments    
  MS Excel - Regression analysis, Solver, VBA and macros  
  Expandable II (MRP system), Agile (BOM, ECO), Lotus 
Notes (database)  
  User level for Unix, MS DOS, MS Word, MS Power Point, 
MS Project, MS Visio  
  Santa Clara University, Leavey 
School of Business                            
Santa Clara, CA  
  Candidate for Master of Business Administration, June 
  dean’s list; 3.7/4.0  
  Menlo College                          
Atherton, CA  
  Bachelor of Science, Business Management 2002   
  dean’s list; magna cum laude 3.8/4.0  
  Erie County Community College                Williamsville, 
  Associates in Applied Science, Electrical Engineering 
Technology 1991  



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