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Henry Rafael applied to the following job:  Job ID: 23501, Equipment Engineering Maintenance Supervisor on

****Cover Letter****

Name:		Henry Rafael
Address:	2477 Glen Duff Way
	 	San Jose, CA 95148
Job Title: 	Technician
Will Relocate?	Y 
Experience Level:10
Work Auth:	United States
Primary Phone:	408-813-5237
Secondary Phone:
Email: 		rafabo4 at 
Minimum Annual Salary Requirement: Unspecified 


Henry Rafael
2477 Glen Duff Way 
San Jose CA. 95148

Contact: 408-813-5237	   Email: hrafael at

Komag inc. 1990-1999 
Position 悔 Technician for sputter (vacuum) system ((Ulvac, Intevac, &
- Perform PM悔s (routine preventative maintenance to disk sputtering system) 
- Maintain, as needed, High vacuum components 
- Perform R&D upgrades to sputtering systems
- Monitor system using (PLC) programmable Logic Control
- Maintain Cryopumps / roots turbo pump vacuum technology (oil, filter, helium
recharge, rebuild)
- Repair / replace mechanical components as needed (high vacuum valves)
- Rail Alignment (system runs on rails in vacuum as well as atmosphere)
- Remove and install targets (targets are metal deposition process)
- Troubleshoot system transportation and make schedule for repairs
- Work in a class 10 cleanroom environment 
- Enter system problems to database / present to maintenance team  
- Pressure gauges
- Electro-mechanic assembly
- Generate ideas to increase production output / and improve process
- Oscilloscope 
- Attend to meetings with automation / system control team
- Provide 24 hour support to production and R&D.

LSI Logic 2000
Position: Contract hire (tech training)
Train on Varian implant system used to make wafers.

Evergreen Valley College 1999-2004
Earned 130 College units toward engineering degree. Some classes taken listed
Engineering Process tools, Engineering drawing in ACAD, Materials, Calculus
series, Differential Equations, Engineering Physics, Programming in C++,
Chemistry, circuits, and Statistics.

San Jose State University College of Engineering
Earned 30 units toward Enginnering. Aproximately 23 units shy (or 2 semester)of
B.A degree in Engineering. Some coarses taken listed. Dynamics, fluid dynamics,
mehanics of materials, engineering economics, and numerical analysis.   

FCC (Federal Communications Commission) 1999
GROL License# PG-GB-062779 
General Radiotelephone Operator License
悔Master of Communications Technology悔 award

Komag Inc.
Certificate of completion 悔Vacuum Technology and Applications悔

Excel, Word, AutoCAD, Matlab, PowerPoint, C++. Mathematically and mechanically

Cars and cycling.

Komag Inc. *1710 Automation Parkway San Jose CA. 95131 *408-576-2000

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