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****Cover Letter****
Dear Sir,

Please find my resume for your kind consideration for the subject post. 
Please feel free to contact me for any clarifications needed.

Thanking you,
With best regards,

Pavas Asthana.

Name:		Pavas Asthana
Address:	B1-42, First Floor, 1st Main Road,
	 	SFS 208, Yelahanka New Town
	 	Bangalore,  560064
Job Title: 	Service Manager
Will Relocate?	Y 
Experience Level:10
Work Auth:	United States
Primary Phone:	+91-9845048994
Secondary Phone:+91-80-28564776
Email: 		pavas0407 at 
Minimum Annual Salary Requirement: $75,000



Pavas Asthana
B1-42, First Floor, 1st Main Road, SFS 208, Yelahanka New Town Bangalore 
560064 India Cell: +91-9845048994 Home: +91-80-28564776 pavas0407 at 

      ·     To make my organization grow with my sincere efforts and grow with the organization.     

      Experience           El Camino Technologies Pvt. Ltd.      
January 2002 - Present     
 Service Manager 
        ·     Undertaking Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance contracts for the Wafer Fab equipments like Diffusion Furnace, Sputtering Machine, E-beam System, Photoresist Coater and Developer Wafer Tracks, Mask Aligners, Pattern Generator, Mask Stepper etc. Also undertake Annual Maintenance Contracts for these equipments.     
            Usha (India) Ltd.      
November 1995 - November 2001    
 Manager (R & D, Wafer Fab) 
Faridabad, Haryana   
       I joined Usha (India) Ltd. as a Management Trainee on 1st Nov. 1995. Since then I have been working there as Asstt. Manager, Deputy Manager and then as Manager.     
            National Physical Laboratory      
January 1991 - October 1995    
 Research Associate 
New Delhi   
        ·     I completed my M.S. degree in 1991 from BITS, Pilani (Rajasthan) India, working at National Physical Laboratory (NPL) under Distance Learning Program of BITS, Pilani.
     ·     I had been working at NPL since November 1988 as Junior Research Fellow (JRF), Senior Research Fellow (SRF) and as Research Associate (RA) after qualifying National Educational Test (NET), 1987.
            Education           Govt. Science College, Jiwaji University, Gwalior      
 Master of Science 
Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh   
       Subjects: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
    Result: Passed; First Division; 65.65%     
            Govt. Science College, Jiwaji University, Gwalior (M.P.)      
Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh   
       Subject: Physics
    Result: Passed; First Division; 60.81%     
            Birla Institute of Technology and Science      
Pilani, Rajasthan   
       Subject: Physical Sciences
    Result: Passed; First Division; CGPA=8.00     
     A. Research and Development:
     ·     Working at NPL, New Delhi, India, I gathered experience in the fabrication and characterization of High Temperature Superconductors. I also studied the effect of doping of d- and f- band materials on the properties of these superconductors.
     ·     Material Characterization techniques used by me include, X-Ray Diffraction (XRD), Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR), Standard AC and DC Four Point Probe resistivity measurement, Magnetic Susceptibility etc.
     ·     Worked as a Research Associate (RA) at NPL in an NPL-TISCO project, I was involved in the synthesis of high silicon-steel by CVD technique.
     ·     I also fabricated a temperature-controlled furnace for multiple deposition and in-situ diffusion cycles for the above project.
    B. Industrial Experience:
     ·     Installation, commissioning and process optimization of Wafer Fab related equipments like Mask Aligners, Wafer Tracks, Pattern Generators, Mask Steppers, Vacuum Systems, Diffusion furnaces, Wafer Probers etc.
     ·     Vacuum Metallization Systems: Use, maintenance and process stabilization in Thermal Evaporation, Electron beam Evaporation, (15 kW), Multi-target Sputtering System (5kW).
     ·     Supervising the 100% wafer probing activity before transferring the finished (diffused) small signal transistor wafers to packaging division.
     ·     Developed new equipment required for production process and for R & D activities, most significant of these being Vacuum Alloying Furnace for alloying the high voltage high current diode (S-1107) chip to molebdenum disc.
     ·     Optimization of piece processes for subsequent implementation in production,
     ·     Development and optimization of Epitaxial growth of silicon over silicon substrate wafers of required electrical parameters.
    C. Computers:
     ·     Operating Systems known:Windows95/98, Windows NT, DOS, VAX/VMS, Unix.
     ·     Programming Languages known: BASIC, FORTRAN, PASCAL, COBOL, C/C++, Java.
     ·     Computer graphics: HPG, HG3, AutoCAD, CorelDraw.
     ·     Automatic Data Acquisition: Interfaced scientific instruments using IEEE-488 and 
    RS-232 for automation of scientific experimental setups.
     ·     Others: Numerical methods, Signal recovery software like FFT, signal averaging and autocorrelation.     

      ·      Qualified NET after M.Sc. and received CSIR fellowship for research.
     ·      I have received appreciations for my significant contributions. I also bear the honour of being the Star Performer of my company.     

     Published in International Journals:
    1. K.K. Saini, C.P. Sharma, S.N. Ekbote, Pavas Asthana, D.K. Suri, Chander Kant, S.A. Agnihotry and Subhas Chandra;
    "The Enhancement of Tc in Calcium Free 
    Tl-Bilayer Superconducting System (Tl2Ba2Cu1Ox)";
    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 29 (1990) 660.
    2. K.K. Saini, C.P. Sharma, S.N. Ekbote, Pavas Asthana, D.K. Suri, K.C. Nagpal, 
    Chander Kant and Subhas  Chandra;
    "The Effect of High Temperature Sintering on the Tc of Tl1Ba2Can-1CunOx System";
    Solid State Commun. 74 (1990) 789.
    3. K.K. Saini, C.P. Sharma, S.N. Ekbote, D.K. Suri, Pavas Asthana, Chander Kant, K.C. Nagpal, S.A. Agnihotry and Subhas Chandra;
    "The Preparation of an Enhanced-Tc Superconducting Tl2Ba2CuOx Phase by Using Low Tl Concentrations";
    J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 2 (1990) 6083.
    4. K.K. Saini, C.P. Sharma, S.N. Ekbote, Pavas Asthana, D.K. Suri, Chander Kant, S.A. Agnihotry and Subhas Chandra;
    "Enhancement of Tc (~ 103 K) in Calcium-free Tl2Ba2CuOx (2201) Compound";
    Bull. Mater. Sc. 14 (1990) 235.
    5. Subhas Chandra, S.A. Agnihotry, Pavas Asthana, K.C. Nagpal, K.K. Saini, Chander 
    Kant, C.P. Sharma and S.N. Ekbote;
    "The Effect of Long Annealing on Pb-Doped High Tc Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O Systems";
    Phys. Status Solidi (a) 123 (1991) 269.
    6. S.A. Agnihotry, K.K. Saini, Chander Kant, C.P. Sharma, S.N. Ekbote, P. Asthana, 
    K.C. Nagpal and Subhas Chandra;
    "Pb-doped Electron Beam deposited Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O Superconducting Thin Films";
    Thin Solid Films 198 (1991) 233.
    Presentations in Conferences:
    7. K.K. Saini, C.P. Sharma, S.N. Ekbote, Pavas Asthana, D.K. Suri, Chander Kant, S.A. Agnihotry and Subhas Chandra;
    "Enhancement of Tc (~103 K) in Calcium-free 
    Tl2Ba2CuOx (2201) Compound"; International Conference on Superconductivity,January 10 -14, 1990, Bangalore, India.
    8. Pavas Asthana, S.N. Ekbote and Subhas Chandra;
    "The Effect of Nb on High Tc
    Superconductors - A Comparative Study"; 
    Solid State Physics Symposium, 1 - 4 
    January 1992, Bombay, India.
    9. Pavas Asthana, S.N. Ekbote, D.K. Suri and S. Chandra;
    "The Effect of Ce, Gd and Dy Doping on La1.85Sr0.15CuO4 Superconductor"; Material Research Society, Fall Meeting, Nov. 28 - Dec. 2, 1994, Boston, M.A. (Accepted for Poster Presentation).     


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